The ministry of drama in black church culture has historically been relegated to Christmas and Easter. In some churches, there is a tradition of an annual theatrical production. However, it is my/our firm belief that drama ministry can be used in the worship service just as the choir or the liturgical/sacred dance ministry minister.

To that end, the Music and Christian Arts Ministry (MCAM) of the AME Church is seeking monologues, skits, one-act plays or vignettes not to exceed 5-7 minutes for consideration for inclusion in a compilation produced by MCAM. The objective is to provide a resource that will encourage, enhance and elevate the use of drama ministry in the context of Sunday worship.

The theme of these compositions should be based upon or inspired by any of the songs from the MCAM AME Live CD* or the Celebrating 200 Years of the AME Church CD, which are all biblically based. Both CD’s are available on iTunes, CDbaby and Amazon, as well as YouTube.

All submissions must be sent electronically to and must have MCAM Drama Ministry Resource in the subject line. All submissions will be reviewed by members of the MCAM Executive Board and must be received no later than May 30, 2018.

For additional information please contact Bro. David Mitchell, Connectional MCAM Drama Director at 404.313.4774 or Rev. Anthony B. Vinson, Sr., Connectional Director of MCAM at 773.829.7665.

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