Music and Christian Arts Ministry

SCHOLARSHIP GUIDELINES- The Music and Christian Arts Ministry Music Scholarship is designed to provide financial assistance to students who wish to pursue an undergraduate or graduate degree in music. The Scholarship is available for two years with the expectation that upon completion of study, the recipient would assume a music position in an African Methodist Episcopal Church of their choosing or membership.


  • Must be a member of the African Methodist Episcopal (AME) Church.
  • Must be a graduate of a high school and accepted into an accredited college or university; or
  • Must be accepted in a graduate music program in an accredited college or university.
  • Must enroll in and attend an accredited Community College or University in the fall of the year in which he or she plans to matriculate.
  • Must provide official documentation of admission and/or enrollment.
  • Must have minimally, an overall 2.5 GPA at the high school level, if an undergraduate; or
  • Must have minimally, an overall 3.0 GPA at the undergraduate level if a graduate student.


The amount of the scholarship is two thousand dollars ($2,000) for the total academic year (2 semesters). The scholarship award will be in two equal payments upon proof of enrollment for the fall (1st) semester, and the winter/spring (2nd) semester. In the event the recipient is unable, except for an act of God, to complete any semester of the year awarded, that portion of the award will be forfeited and the applicant shall return the amount awarded to the Connectional Music and Christian Arts Ministry. Upon graduation, or sooner, the scholarship recipient shall make every effort to obtain or have a music position in a local AME Church in the community in which he/she resides at that time. The recipient shall fill the music position, one year for each year the scholarship was awarded. Failure to comply will be considered a violation of contract and measures to recover the full amount of funds received shall be applied.


The Applicant must submit the following materials in one package:

A completed application (must be typed or scanned into the computer).

  • A current official high school or college transcript that has the official                  college/university seal).
  • Three letters of character reference from: 1) the student’s music teacher/director/advisor; 2) a teacher or administrator who is familiar with the student’s academic achievement as well as music performance and participation; and 3) the applicant’s pastor.
  • A one page essay entitled “My Passion for Music, Goal for Music Career and Need for Scholarship Assistance.” The essay must be typed using size 12 fonts, double-spaced, and no more than three paragraphs.
  •    A CD, video or cassette recording that sufficiently displays the applicant’s music ability and level of performance. The recording/video shall be verified by the applicant’s music teacher/director/advisor.
  • Additional information that has not been provided that may strengthen and enhance the application.

In order to apply for the second year, the applicant must have an accumulated grade-point-average of 3.0 or above, and have completed at least 30 credits(undergraduate) or 120 semester credit hours (graduate).

Download the complete application HERE: The_MCAM_Music_Scholarship 2015 (2) (2)-1

   **All Completed Applications and Materials Must Be Received No Later Than May 15, 2015. Please Mail To:

Dr. Rosalie A. Hill, Chair , MCAM Music Scholarship Committee, 715 Springsax Road, Tallahassee, FL 32305. OR Email materials to:

Download the complete application HERE: The_MCAM_Music_Scholarship 2015 (2) (2)-1

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